Welcome to FCD!

Student with mentor

Effort has nothing to do with salvation, but frequently a lot to do with spiritual growth. As maturing Christians, we hoist our sails with study and personal discipline, and wait upon God to see where His spirit is blowing us.

Foundations for Christian Discernment is a program that promotes basic Christian literacy through small group study and fellowship.  There are four tracks: Church History, Theology, Old Testament, and New Testament.  The material in these tracks provides grist for the mill of theological reflection, with students learning to listen for the voice of God in their own lives and in the dramatic sweep of scriptural revelation and church history. Developing a personal Rule of Life, exploring different forms of prayer, and experimenting with historically-honored discernment techniques, many students find that following FCD’s Spiritual Guidebook along with their fellow group members fills their need for spiritual direction in their deepening journey to Christ.

Features of Foundation for Christian Discernment courses:

  • small group setting
  • online, in-person, and hybrid options
  • weekly meetings, generally mid-September through mid-May for the in-person groups
  • college-level texts
  • traditional spiritual disciplines taught
  • creative discernment exercises
  • seeking God’s hand at work in our lives
  • overcoming personal roadblocks
  • group support and accountability
  • class-time spent in prayer, discussion of the main topics, and exercises from the Spiritual Guidebook, including theological reflection
  • reasonably-priced tuition, less than similar programs
  • flexible options to meet particularized needs

Hear what past students have said about their FCD experience:

I will be begin my fourth year with FCD this fall, and as with previous years, I am very eager for group meetings to start again. I am learning a lot about God, myself, and the church. It is good to receive a more reliably balanced view of scripture and theology than is generally available in most Episcopal churches today.
–Karen Karwacki-Bethke

Participant engages others

FDCM’s theological reflection model is fascinating. Several of the discernment exercises were difficult for me, such as Praying with a Pen, but I know that I benefit from this sort of thing, and look forward to trying them again next year.
–Jason Philbrick

I have learned a great deal during my first year with FCD. I hope to use several of FCD’s discernment exercises in the retreats that I lead in my parish, and to continue through all four years of the FCD program.
–Bao Moua

I am becoming a more organized, disciplined person through FCD. I am learning how to use my skills more productively within a small group setting.
–Doug Arnold